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Positive coincidence is a situation that is recognised consciously. It happens when we are following our excitement and is part of the manifestation of positive synchronicity. This is tapping into the All-That-Isness of ourselves and allows us to recognise everything is part of the same-one-thing. in other words all is one, and one is all – what a coincidence!

Many people incorrectly use the term coincidence when they actually mean accident. They will say it is no coincidence that such and such happened… meaning it was no accident that such and such happened.

A coincidence is two or more incidents happening simultaneously – they coincide

A coincidence is not an accident

There is no such thing as an accident

What we label Accidents are negative situations we create that seemingly just happen without our consent or apparent cause. Accidents are illusions because nothing “just happens�… remember we create our own experiential reality, 100% of the time. We don’t create just some of it and the rest “just happens� to us. If we are involved in an “accident� then we have unconsciously placed ourselves in that situation in order to learn something that we refused to learn in some easier way. The same applies to dis-ease… the only reason we experience disease is because we resist being our natural-selves. Resistance causes friction. Friction is going against the grain, and going against the grain gives us splinters – hence the pain and/or disease. Moreover, remember everything is done by agreement and what we know as “accidents� are a valid part of the game of limitations as you discover as you study this material.


There is positive synchronicity and there is negative synchronicity. We all know about negative synchronicity – Murphy's Law, i.e. everything goes wrong that can go wrong. Positive synchronicity (usually referred to as simply synchronicity) on the other hand, is not so familiar to us. It is being in the right place, at the right time, meeting the right people and receiving what is needed in that moment. We might want to refer to it as Paddy’s Law (joke).

Technically, the word synchronicity means synchronous harmony – i.e. everything flowing in unison. Synchronicity is a series of “coincidence� that seems to defy any logical explanation of how this could happen. Experiencing a co-incidence often defies the odds by billions to one; and for some people, it happens all the time.

Synchronicity is simply the recognition that everything is connected to everything else – that all things are the same-one-thing (all-that-is) manifesting in all the multi-dimensional ways that it can, simultaneously, to let us know that we are always in the right place, at the right time, interacting with the right people, to represent that which we hold ourselves to be, in any given moment.

Synchronicity is sometimes called the “ecstatic explosion of coincidence� – an endless series of wonderful coincidences. In other words, when we trust ourselves and operate from integrity, with love in our hearts, we will simply attract all the right circumstances to support us in the things that excite us the most in a never ending sequence of joyful, ecstatic events.

There is a formula for creating synchronicity. It has to do with following what excites us the most, with integrity. In other words, synchronicity occurs when we follow our heart’s desire, the things that bring us joy. As long as we keep following our excitement, wonderful things seem to just to happen, quite magically – all the time – quite effortlessly. The knack is to trust this process in order to create your preferred reality. It is what many of us have been dreaming about but not really believing it could come true. But it can – it is not just a dream – this formula really works!


As indicated earlier, the concept of time is a third dimensity construct. It is a concept that time is fixed and constant. Time in the fourth dimensity is much more flexible than in the third. It becomes not so much time as timing. In other words, events happen when the timing is right, when everything is in place for that event to happen, not before and not after. In third dimensity that also happens, except if the timing is not right for it to happen, then it will be held up until the timing is right and we find ourselves late or early for an event. In the fourth dimensity example, that extra time is not created so we are always on time in a fourth dimensity sense.

Here’s an example of timing: A car engine will only start when it is mechanically and electrically complete, i.e. there is fuel in the tank, the battery is charged and someone turns the key. If any one of those components is not present, it won't happen and when they are, it will. Imagine what would happen if, for example, the battery is flat, or there is a fuel blockage. That's right, no go.

It is the same in our lives – every component has to be in place before a specific event can occur. Thus, trying to force a situation to fit just slows it down – just like the jig-saw puzzle – when you have the right piece it just falls into place quite effortlessly. Trying to fit a wrong piece is a real struggle, it requires force, and as the force is applied it distorts the rest of the puzzle, perhaps forcing other pieces out of place. So we can do it the easy way or the hard way, it is up to us. To access the easy way, we simply act on opportunities and allow things to occur in their own good time. However, we can speed up the process by understanding and working with the principle of timing, not against it. To do so, we simply need to tune in to the feeling associated with the idea of the project as often as possible, preferably together with team mates if it is a team project. For example, if our focus is on free energy: by forming a group of like-minded people and encouraging them to explore the idea, in their imagination, how free energy could be used – what type of equipment could be driven; what projects would be possible, e.g. desalination of sea water on a huge scale for irrigation purposes – then the process will tend to speed up.

Another point that will help things go easier and faster is our understanding that everything is going to plan. The timing is perfect because no one can miss a date with destiny – by definition. Our destiny is that we will create the world we say we now desire. We have all decided this even though it may be an unconscious decision. Understanding and trusting this principle takes away the frustration. However, some people may still believe we have to let things get worse before they get better. Ironically that is often the quickest way – but not the most pleasant. Again, either way works.

As we continue to move into fourth dimensity we will begin to lose sight of the processes and simply see the events themselves. Why? Because we will be so accelerated we will not spend time in the process, we will simply live in the moment, and will start to experience one ecstatic moment after another. Does this sound too good to be true? It may unless you choose to believe otherwise!