The Third Industrial Revolution

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The five pillars

  1. Making the change from a carbon-based fossil fuel energy regime to a renewable energy regime.
  2. Reconfiguring the building stock of the world, transforming every dwelling into a mini power plant that can collect renewable energies on site.
  3. Installing hydrogen and other storage technology in every building, and across the entire infrastructure of society, to store intermittent renewable energy and ensure a continuous, reliable supply of green electricity to meet demand.
  4. Using Internet communication technology to convert the electricity grid into an intelligent utility network so that millions of people can send green electricity generated near and in their buildings back to the grid to share with others in open-source commons, not unlike the war information is generated and shared on the Internet.
  5. Transitioning the global transportation fleet - cars, buses, trucks, trains - to electric plug-in and fuel cell vehicles powered by renewable energies generated at millions of building sites and creating charging stations across countries and continents where people can buy and sell electricity on the distributed electricity grid.

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