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In late June 2011 Beth and I came across an abandoned Dinosaur! we didn't know it was looking for a new home at the time because it was in its natural habitat in the wilderness.


Later we realised that it was homeless and Beth, who's very good with animals went and spent some time with it in the hope that it would follow her home.

DinosaurAdoption2.jpg   DinosaurAdoption3.jpg   DinosaurAdoption4.jpg   DinosaurAdoption5.jpg

Sure enough, a short time later we saw it outside our gate, so Beth offered it some parsley.

DinosaurAdoption7.jpg   DinosaurAdoption8.jpg   DinosaurAdoption9.jpg

He was much more happy and confident on a full stomach and came up the fire escape and in our window :-)

DinosaurAdoption13.jpg   DinosaurAdoption15.jpg   DinosaurAdoption16.jpg

Tinho gets some romance in his life

Tinho & Nardia.jpg

Tinho gets a job to save up for a new place

Tinho at work.jpg   Tinho at work 2.jpg

Tinho moves into a new home

Tinho, Beth & Aran.jpg

X Riding Tinho 2.jpg   X Riding Tinho.jpg   Watching Smurfs Home.jpg