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I would like to retro-fit my 1970's pioneer turntable to be able to record onto a iPod or other USB device.



  • Indicator light is off
  • Plug in USB stick or iPod
  • Indicator light is green to indicate all is well - iPod or memory stick is detected
  • Place stylus on a chosen track
  • Press button
  • Indicator light is red for record
  • You will also see the activity light on the USB device light
  • Sound file is written onto the device in WAV/AIFF format
  • Press button
  • Recording stops and file is closed
  • Indicator light is green
  • You can press the button to begin recording again to a new file
  • Unplug device (only when light is green - your risk if you unplug on red)
  • Indicator light goes out


  • Power supply
  • Indicator LED and bezel
    • plug pack 12V 100mA
    • Split from it's case and wired in parallel on the AC side of the turntable's main transformer
  • Analogue phono stage (requires ±12V DC)
    • to be build on veroboard
  • ICSP programmer required to completely rewrite the bootloader - AVRISP mkII




  • 78MO5 voltage regulator
  • FT232R USB to serial driver
  • S16B0016 clock
  • USB D-type connector

Operating system

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