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State of emergency year 15

Grand jury investigation into 9/11 upcoming

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September 11 – The New Pearl Harbour

This is the absolute must-watch definitive documentary on 911. It's been very clear to me (and numerous architects and engineers) since the beginning that there's no way those three towers could come down at near free-fall without the use of explosives.

But then NIST came up with their preposterous report as to how these buildings could collapse like this due to fire alone (the first and only three times ever in history) people were considered as deluded "conspiracy theorists" for believing in the controlled demolition theory.

Well a lot of new evidence has surfaced over the last decade and this documentary completely turns the tables - anyone who does not believe it was a controlled demolition after watching this and then conducting their own research into the facts presented are the delusional ones and are suffering serious denial problems.

See a review by Global Research here.