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# Make sure realtime is enabled.
sudo apt-get install guitarix;

sudo adduser <USER> audio

Then reboot your computer.


If guitarix will not start correctly due to jack you might need to configure jack for your audio interface.

# Open Jack

Go to setup->interface select the first USB one. (Or whatever one is yours.)

Start up guitarix again and you should not have issues with jack.

You will then need to configure the connections, go back to jack and click connections and connect:

  • capture_1 -> gx_head_amp
  • capture_2 -> gx_head_amp
  • gx_head_amp -> gx_head_fx
  • gx_head_fx -> playback_1
  • gx_head_fx -> playback_2

If you don't have any sound playing it might be playing back out the same device it is using as input.