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Hey guys, I'd really like to get everyone over at my place this weekend, say on Sunday (8th April). Lets hack, discuss Wiki stuff, juggle and I really wanna do some DJing for you all. Its probably the last chance to come over before I have to move out. What say you? Are you coming?--Firebreather 00:54, 6 Apr 2007 (NZST)

Yip, I'm in, I liked that place :-) --Nad 08:51, 6 Apr 2007 (NZST)
I'll be there. --Rob 10:08, 6 Apr 2007 (NZST)
Do you mean to say that you just signed with four tildes and it rendered with "Bender" as title?! --Nad 10:14, 6 Apr 2007 (NZST)
I used the four tildes and when it rendered it came up as User:Bender. --Bender 12:32, 6 Apr 2007 (NZST)
I have no idea how that's possible - this wiki's getting real weird :-/ --Nad 13:36, 6 Apr 2007 (NZST)
Cool..Jane and Marc are coming over also. Lets do 4pm onwards. Can give you a lift over if you like Aran, I'll need to pick you up a bit earlier though, so I'm back home at 4pm. Speaking of Wiki wierdness, I can't seem to raise at all. I can shell in ok, but can't connect to the site over http. Can't see anything in the error log to help. Any ideas?--Firebreather 16:53, 6 Apr 2007 (NZST)
Was some characters missing on the statement before where the LocalSettings error was, which I've fixed - but it's not rendering the sidebar for some reason - have you changed the MonoBook.php file at all? --Nad 17:01, 6 Apr 2007 (NZST)
The typo was just me fumbling around trying to figure out what the problem is. Sidebar probably wasn't rendering because I commented out the LocalSettings.php article lines in index.php. (now restored) But can you see the site? Because I can't get to it at all.--Firebreather 17:36, 6 Apr 2007 (NZST)
restarted my computer and i can see it again, weird.

Back in town :) Firebreather 23:21, 16 Mar 2007 (NZDT) And brought whiskey back with me :)

Hey guys and girls. Check out my new article on Wikipedia. Cool bananas. Even managed to write it with a freaking mega hang over from Nad's birthday party. Think I got over-gruntled and spewed my ring out. Cool!

You still comin' over? Rob and Sven are arriving in an hour or so if you're in for some hack ;-) --Nad 03:09, 30 Dec 2006 (NZST)

I'm not going to the party, I guess it'd be normal sort of evening time like 8pm or so... Also, Eliza rang and said her car is leaking petrol and she's real knackered too so won't be going either --Nad 05:53, 16 Dec 2006 (NZST)

hey, its my last day in europe tomorrow and then flying home. Dont want to come back, im having too much fun. Oh well ill be back on the 23rd. The 24th is my birthday (Friday). Anyone want to do something with me on fri or sat? Its the first time in ages that my birthday hasnt been the middle of the week and therefore, is deserving of an enormous piss up. or at least a whiskey or 3. also ill be jet lagged, so ill probably be behaving like a total drunkard anyway. see you then.

Yip I'll be in to that, cool see you then, happy b-day ;-) --Nad 17:01, 22 Nov 2006 (NZDT)

hello from Bassano Del Grappa in Italy. Having a good time touring around. Thinking about heading to Pompei. Catch ya.

Excellent ;-) and how was Slovenia?
Im in Rome now. Slovenia was good. Very civilised, quite charming, good weather, hot girls.


Thanks for that youtube thing :) Tis cool.

Can't find those links I was gonna send re software testing, but they were off the 'pedia page, Wikipedia:Software testing --Nad 13:30, 26 Aug 2006 (NZST)

Thanks buddy

Meh, I'm back for month or two maybe. Nad - have got to discuss an idea i've had. Anyone know of any parties happening? I'm hanging out for parties for some reason.

Just lemme know when you wanna head over - Kieran's b'day party is soon which I'm sure you're welcome to go to. I won't be there cos my anti-social attitude has offended him, fair enough too I guess :-| --Nad 22:12, 24 Aug 2006 (NZST)

Well, the inevitable has happened and while I'll be coming back for the weekend, I'll be returning to Australia on Sunday for another month for another contract. Then I'll probably be spending a month in Wellington.

Has anyone been doing anything on a web spider/bot/crawler? I've got an idea I'm pursuing and one of the first steps is to create a web spider. The purpose I want to put it too is fairly specific, but theres no reason not to build in other capability as well, if other people have something they are interested in. So far I've done a fair bit of research, got some designs and architecture, and done some prototype code. fb.

There's not really much involved just regexp rules for your info extraction and link-following etc and http etc - see peer code for examples of that in which is the main daemon, and which allows wiki login/edit etc over http like a user. --Nad 17:20, 3 Jul 2006 (NZST)
I've already got basic regexp rules for info extraction and link-following etc and http etc. Its what you do after that... how you go about exploring the web, maintaining your information, analysing the infomation etc, that are important.

Looks like I'm coming home on the weekend of 14th July. It permanent at this stage, but these things always have a way of turning around. fb.

Rob, I put a zip file with the cpp source and an exe of that opengl stuff here. Don't know your email address otherwise I'd have emailed it, its tiny.

Thanks for that, will look into it. --Rob 19:14, 22 Jun 2006 (NZST)

Having a fire evening on Saturday (17th). Come and sit in front of the fire, listen to some tunes and watch me do some fire breathing. Everyone welcome. I'll be home all day, but if you need a time come over 3pm onwards. Going to order enough pizza to feed whoever turns up.

My email address is firebreather at firebreather dot org.

How do I block access via http but retain https access? I'm wanting to stop people getting to my online php editor. I got ssl setup and basic authentication, but it occured to me I should also block http access.

The way I usually do it is to create a <VirtualHost *:80> and add a ServerAlias directive or Redirect to send them to the https website. This assumes you are using Apache. SSL only virtualhost example. --Rob 17:19, 13 Jun 2006 (NZST)
Also, i'd love to come along on saturday but am already booked for a 30th birthday. Make sure you take lots of pictures. --Rob 17:19, 13 Jun 2006 (NZST)

Also a tip, use the PostgreSQL database. Its good and free.

Hi, Rob mentioned you may be back this weekend - you're welcome to come to the 10 June 2006 meeting at beer o'clock if you like :) --Nad 21:47, 7 Jun 2006 (NZST)

I'll try and make it though I think something else may be planned. But thanks for the invite.

Yo, howsit goin' over the ditch there?

Um, do I just edit here to reply? Its going good. I just got myself a domain name and web hosting.. its at firebreather although theres nothing there yet except a link to Prolly just going to do a blog to start with. - I am not a robot. I promise. Maybe.
Don't worry, it's ok to be a robot since you were smart enough to fool our Human Detector! --Nad 18:02, 2 Jun 2006 (NZST)

Got a blogsite setup if anyone cares. I'd be happy to host anyone else's blogs. Thanks Jack for the tip about using wordpress for bloggin.

Whoa, just had a crash course in HTML/CSS. Handy since I'll be doing some intranet pages for a client soonish.
and PHP..

Back in NZ at midnight on Friday 9th June. Anyones welcome to knock on my door at anytime. Justin.

Yes wordpress is very nice. Angela uses it for her web site too. We should have another dinner get together when you get back. --Rob 18:42, 3 Jun 2006 (NZST)

Hi rob-ot, I mean Rob. Yeah another dinner would rock! Oh by the way I now own fire breathing worldwide, at least on the internet. I got and The .coms are owned by stupid advertising companies with no interest in firebreathing. Sooooo.... looks like I should do another firebreathing performance so I can get some piccys of me doing it.