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{{#security:*|Jewel,Nad}} To create a new page just create a link to it like this, Shanans new website then follow that link (which appears red instead of blue to show that nothing exists there yet). --Nad 23:50, 17 May 2006 (NZST)

Yo, I've finally had a bit of time to get that slideshow working properly! sorry 'bout the delay, been real busy. I've still got to fix the editing resources/events pages which have to have the buttons/menus hidden which I'll hopefully be able to get onto soon :-) --Nad 11:19, 17 May 2006 (NZST)

You've got your own wiki now at which is running on Travis's server at Sam's place. You might have to show them how to read the recent changes etc cos they seem a bit shy of it! It's got a robot called Spawn looking after it :-) --Nad 18:36, 9 May 2006 (NZST)

Sorry I forgot about the login problem you mentioned - I've taken off that no-robots thing for now, so it works again --Nad 17:49, 15 May 2006 (NZST)

That's a lot of work to upload and categorise many images - next time if you email me all the images at once I can get Gir to wikify and categorise them for you. --Nad 23:39, 3 May 2006 (NZST)

I've done most of them for you - an easy way is to right-click on each from the recent-changes and open in a new tab - you can do about ten at a time, just click on each tab clicking edit on each, then go back through the tabs again pasting the text and saving. --Nad 22:43, 3 May 2006 (NZST)

Notice that I replied to your message on User talk:Nad under your message but indented (using a : at the start of the line). That way each conversation thread all stays together. --Nad 21:33, 3 May 2006 (NZST)

Remember you need to categorise your images so they show up in Category:Katikati Home Education. Just go to Recentchanges, click on each of the image-links, click edit then type in the following line and save it (I've done the first one as an example):

[[Category:Katikati Home Education]]

(actually just copy that and then paste into each instead of typing). Also, Sam said he'll be hooking up that server I set up at Travis's, so I'll move you stuff over to that and you'll have your own wiki :-)

--Nad 20:50, 3 May 2006 (NZST)

I've added a note to your book keeper role to request a copy of the last on of year tax return your accountant did, so you can use it as a template. --Nad 12:08, 30 Apr 2006 (NZST)

Editing images to slideshow

I've added the new images to the slideshow in order, you can change the order if you like by editing the slideshow script here, It will take ages to load on your dialup connection until I fix it so that they only load one at a time, which I'll probably do today some time :-)

--Nad 10:56, 29 Apr 2006 (NZST)

Uploading password-protected docs

Hi Cheryl, I've uploaded the images, and also Travis uses a program for zipping up files for uploading which can do encryption very easily so you can put the accounts on the wiki for me to check out (I'll need to know what passwd you use though).

Download the program from this link and run it (its free)

then to back up your accounts, just right-click and select "add to archive..." then hit the "encrypt" button and enter your passwd in both the password and confirmation boxes.

Now you can upload the resulting .zip file like a normal image and people will need to enter the passwd to extract and view the file.

--Nad 10:05, 29 Apr 2006 (NZST)


Also when you do a message on someones talk page you can sign it with four tildes (~~~~) and it makes a signiture like this: Nad 23:53, 28 Apr 2006 (NZST)

And to reply to a particular comment you can indent it like this by starting the line with a colon Nad 23:53, 28 Apr 2006 (NZST)
...and then another reply to that would be indented with two colons like this :-)

Email from, Bender 14:00, 14 May 2006 (NZST)

New email address ;-)

I just thought, since you don't have an email address, I've made all emails
sent to:
go to your talk page, so now you've got an email address but you never have
to check your email :-)
I've sent this message to you email address to test it, so if your reading
this it must be working!