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Published on February 9th 2017 Download What Kind of Money do We Want? (English | Portuguese | Chinese)

A guide to understanding how money works and how new technologies can help us build an abundant society

Published on February 9th 2017

Money is one of the most commonly spoken words: everyone talks about money and spends much of their lives struggling for it. But what is money? How is it made? Does it need to be scarce? What is the function of money? Has it fulfilled this function? What is the relationship between money, corruption, wars, environmental degradation, competitiveness and extreme social inequality?

This text responds simply and directly to each of these questions and offers us a solution that can only be realized nowadays, with the new technologies of the peer-to-peer network and the cryptography.

Note 1: This text is derived from the Trustless Mutual Credit paper.

Note 2: This text can be printed normally or as an A5 booklet if your printer supports it.

Published on January 17th 2017 Download Trustless Mutual Credit (English | Portuguese)

Published on January 17th 2017

In this short paper I'll describe the general forms that money takes, and the different roles it plays in society. I'll cover the main problems with our current form of money, and why it's so hard for better solutions to gain any real traction. I'll explain what Bitcoin is, and how the technology behind it offers a means by which these solutions could begin to thrive.

This paper is not an attempt to define a specific functional mechanism, it's an organised collection of the relevant concepts for sharing the idea and to assist with further work on it.

In progress PDF-grey.png Group decision-making

Work in progress

This paper is another organised collection of concepts to assist with work on the next paper.

In progress PDF-grey.png The Libre Society Foundation Ontology

Work in progress

The focus of this paper is to define a decentralised trustless organisational infrastructure that's resilient against hostility and corruption. Organisations using it have the option to operate with true privacy and to be part of a harmonious whole in their governance and economic activities.

In progress PDF-grey.png The Libre Society

Work in progress

This will be a book available for free in PDF format as well as in paperback format for a nominal price. Its purpose is to explain "The Libre Society Foundation Ontology" in layman’s terms including all the necessary related technical and historical concepts. This is more of a long term project, but is already well under way.