9 March 2007

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The new PeerFS project involves setting up a wiki-based tree to be used as the interface to our tree of distributed content before the peerd interface is ready. This overall tree managing all our content would be exactly what should go in the left pane, and that all the content of the local wiki would simply be under the Organic Design branch. But that would be a massive sidetrack to get the current OD content organised into such a structure though, so I've set up a new wiki specifically for this in our new domain, wikifs.org ;-)

The content is all template-based (special tree-templates that is) and the distributed instances of these templates can be thought of as subscribers to the templates which need to have change-information sent to them on a schedule. The scheduler for WikiFS will be peerd instead of wikid since it will involve a far heavier workload due to much of the propagated content being large binaries.

WikiFS is a MediaWiki 1.9.3 which was able to installed thanks to our PHP4 installation becoming unstable and prompting the changeover of our server to PHP5.2. This means we can now test all our MediaWiki extensions and code on the latest stable release.