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Earth's shifting magnetic poles


Narr: The coming solar maximum in 2012 is not the only cause for concern. Scientists have noticed a weakening of the Earth's magnetic field, and a shifting of the [magnetic] poles - some even suggesting that the north and south poles could literally reverse places with each other.

AFA: I think viewers have probably read about the changing in the magnetic poles of the Earth. The magnetic reversal overturns very slowly, it may take a few hundreds of years to make a complete overturn, and it's probably the case that we are in an overturn now - the beginning of an overturn - because the position of the magnetic pole has migrated some few hundred miles in the last few decades. So it is beginning to overturn. Now, the real question is what is the effect of the overturn of the magnetic field on Earth phenomenon? There could be a reduction in the shielding effect. This could have some consequence. I don't think it's known whether the consequences will be calamitous or disastrous - it certainly won't be sudden. But probably some meteorological change will take place. [Talk]

GH: This planet has at its heart a ball of molten iron with enormous mass, which is also spinning inside the Earth itself. Is it possible that there is some interruption in this spin - perhaps to do with magnetism, perhaps to do with solar magnetism - which literally capsises the Earth? I wouldn't rule it out entirely. There's much that has come down to us from the past that suggests that. [Talk]

LEJ: Lots has been said about a potential pole shift. It seems clear that the [magnetic] poles are beginning to move at rates that have not been ever measured before. Whether or not this is the beginning of an actual pole shift, or more, how long this will actually take, I don't think anybody can say. But of more immediate concern is 2012. The consequences for us, here, are going to be greater, for the satellite system, for our health in terms of skin cancer and cataracts in the eyes - a host of health-related issues, and perhaps - there is a growing body of evidence that earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes are related to solar input. We have to learn and fast. At least we have to get a sense of the magnitude of this connection and what we might be able to do to minimise this effect. [Talk]

JM: The thing that fascinates me about 2012 is just the totalityof the information - not only do we have ancient prophecies, of course the Mayan calendar, and it all seems to culminate in 2012. We all know that there are Earth changes taking place, polar caps melting, global warming. What most people don't realize is that this is a solar system-wide phenomenon. The polar caps on Mars are melting, the outer planets are more luminescent, meaning they're heating up. So something is definitely happening. [Talk]

LEJ: If a pole shift occurred within the next few years, it would disrupt civilisation as we know it. Would it be the end of life as we know it? No. But it would be such a major change that it would mark the end of an era that we probably all had assumed was eternal. [Talk]

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