27 March 2006

From Organic Design
  • Nad: A frustrating day trying to get PHP to make HTTP requests from the peer, but for some reason (which I think is an HTTP1.0 issue) wget and PHP's fopen-wrappers can't receive requested data from the peer's HTTP server (server.pl). The reason this was wanted was so that the peer could be notified by XmlWiki of various events instead of having to using regular polling which is very resource intensive. The problem hasn't been solved in general, but a solution allowing our event-driven communications has been achieved by sending the request-headers, but then not trying to read the response data. This is fine, the peer has no problems establishing HTTP connections with XmlWiki, its only the other way round that's a problem. The main events we want to communicate are changes to documents, so I've attached notify-peer.php to the save event in default-properties.xml.