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Procedure.svg Add a wiki database
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New wiki databases are added by copying from a template database for the version of MediaWiki the wiki will run on. A template exist for every code-base in the wikia because they get created during the install a MediaWiki code-base procedure.

If you intend on creating the new wiki in a new database, you'll first need to create the new database manually, for example by logging in to MySQL:

create database foo;

You can then make a copy of the template database and define a table prefix for the new wiki tables using our add-db script as follows. The best practice is that a table prefix should always be used even if there is only one wiki, and the prefix should always end with an underscore character.

/var/www/tools/add-db  /var/www/empty-1.13.sql  foo.bar_  foo.baz_

In this example, two wiki databases have been added at once, both in the new "foo" database we created, one wiki has tables prefixed by "bar_" and the other by "baz_". Both new wiki's are copies of the empty-1.13.sql template which was created when the MediaWiki-1.13 code-base was installed into the wikia.


After installing a wiki database, you can then install a new wiki.

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