Cardano FAQ

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How can I import a Byron wallet into Daedalus from an SQLite file?

First you need to use sqlite3 to view the root and hash fields of the private_key table for the wallet in question, and the run Daedalus and use netstat to check what port it's node is running on. Of course this will not help in the case of retrieving ITN funds in the main net, but it can at least prove that the wallet file is intact and whether or not you have the spending password.

cd ~/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -kE tls/client/client.pem \
  -XPOST https://localhost:PORT/v2/byron-wallets -d '{ \
    "style":"random", \
    "name":"NEW_WALLET_NAME", \
    "encrypted_root_private_key":"ROOT_KEY", \
    "passphrase_hash":"HASH_KEY" \

Can ITN rewards be received from just a Daedalus wallet file (with spending password) but no 15 word phrase?

Yes they can, but it's complicated. First the private and public key-pair for the wallet need to be extracted, but there is no API command for this, so it needs to be done by adjusting the Cardano wallet code. Once you have the key pair, then you can go through the same process for retrieving the rewards as is used by stake pool operators to access their ITN rewards.

Update: The friendly folk at Viper Staking have made a version of Cardano wallet that extracts the keys from an ITN Byron wallet called Cardano-wallet-key-extractor that runs in a Docker container. Once you have those keys, you can then run through their existing Restore ITN reward keys documentation which guides ITN stake pool operators through accessing their rewards using their pool keys.