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We use the UltraVNC single-click (SC) to enable users to initiate remote support because it is extremely time-consuming and much less secure to create router pinholes and static routes to all the machines on a client LAN. The SC edition of VNC allows a custom made end-uder application to be placed onto any machine requiring remote access. The custom application contains all the specific settings required to establish a connection back to the tech-support computer without needing any configuration, thus the name "single click".

This article contains the technical procedures required to maintain and configure the technical-support end which entails DNS, routes and "reverse connected viewer" (i.e. the viewer is configured to listen for connections from the client-side custom apps). Basic information such as customer notes and instructions are in the vnc article.

DNS and routes

  • The SC points to
  • Create a pinhole on port 5500 TCP to your ip address

VNC viewer on Ubuntu

First install the xtightvnxviewer since the default desktop viewer doesn't support reverse connections:

apt-get install xtightvncviewer

To run the viewer in reverse mode,

xtightvncviewer -listen

Windows clients

To be able to establish a connection client computers must download od-vnc.exe (the source to modify it is, upload it to the online creator tool and login with foo and foobar) and save onto the desktop so it can be found easily.

Contact tech support and arrange a convenient time for the connection to be done. At the agreed time, the client simply double-clicks the downloaded application and then double-click "Internet Support" (not the encrypted one yet).

Ubuntu clients

not done yet

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