Flip book export

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Jack's SWF flip-books currently require some manual steps in development, but it should be feasible to create a generic flip book which is used as an MTASC SWF template that the code and content get compiled into. This would allow us to add the flip-books as an export option in the wiki. They'd be excellent for product lists and brochures.

The generic flip book would be composed of a single ActionScript script which parses an HTML file. It must build an array of SWF pages by iterating through the HTML a chunk (dunno exactly what a chunk is yet) at a time testing whether it fits on the current page or should create a new one (by duplicating the existing "page" objects which exist in the SWF template which may be maintained in the standard MacroMedia environment). We must account for the HTMLDOC inline page-flow comments such as NEED 10cm etc. It should then build the necessary page objects and resolve inter-page links after it knows how many pages there are, it can also insert a table of contents once this page array is available.

There are some difficulties with the parser:

  • Tables - start basic and handle TR's and TD's later, standard style like PdfBook
  • Images - just centre in new paragraph for now

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