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Codero is the host we currently use as of Feb 2012. They're standard old-fashioned physical hardware servers, so upgrading requires requests to real people, time and setup costs, but they're very robust and responsive servers and bandwidth with good prices and good support. They offer cloud servers now starting at $5.

  • Bitcoin NOT accepted


Linode are a cloud server provider, management of servers is extremely intuitive and you're charged by the minute so you can run server's for extremely short periods to compile things or test procedures. Servers start at $5.

  • Bitcoin NOT accepted


Virmach are a VPS provider, management console is simple but intuitive including remote desktop (yes all servers include desktop which I consider a problem rather than a bonus, but it could be removed). Servers start at $4/month, but are charged on a per-month basis, i.e. if you run a server for an hour you're still charged for the full month. Commissioning and decomissioning servers is not instant.

  • Bitcoin is accepted.
  • No control over rDNS but apparently it is configured properly for mail sending purposes.


We haven't used ElasticHosts yet, but there flexibility looks extremely impressive and the pricing is competitive. It's fully cloud-based with the ability to dynamically adjust your own hardware specs for any amount of time you like. If you need to upgrade from four to a hundred CPU's for five minutes - no problem!

They're also extremely flexible with the OS's you can install - practically any Linux flavour is available, and you can even supply your own ISO to install from. You have full control over the whole installation procedure.


dotCloud looks really interesting and needs some more research! is the operator of GammaDX and a provider of darknet services for various crypto-tribes and Phyles. Our mission is to create a home for tribes-people, their affiliates and associates by providing superior communications and processing services.

Older hosts we no longer use

  • VPSLink - good for virtual servers, but we prefer either real servers or cloud solutions
  • eSecureData - good prices for real servers, but we found them too unreliable with many outages

Providers to check out

Providers that accept Bitcoin

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