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Procedure.svg Install an Ipbwiki Forum Addon
Organic Design procedure

Purchase Software

Purchase an IP Board license and download its zip file.

Purchase a lifetime license version of IPB Wiki with the copyright release.

Have all three serials to hand.

Install Wiki

IPB Wiki is a codebase hack and so a special Mediawiki codebase needs to be installed in the /var/www/domains directory. Install the wiki in a version mandated by IPB Wiki, the most recent Mediawiki codebase may not be supported by IPB Wiki. Call it ipbwiki_foo-x.xx.x or equivalent, where foo is the wiki you are working on.

The Install a New Codebase procedure should now be performed but modified to take into account the codebase being in /domains.

Copy over any skins and edit your Localsettings.php to include normal OD extensions and security code.

Chmod 777 the Images directory.

Use a symlink to extensions as normal.

Link your domain eg in /domains straight to the new wiki.

Setup Server for IP Board

Unzip the IPBoard file into your home directory.

Go to the board directory.

Rename the directory upload to forums

Move forums to eg /var/www/domains/ipbwiki_foo-x.xx.x

You will now have a directory /var/www/domains/ipbwiki_foo-x.xx.x/forums

Change /var/www/vhosts to allow browsers to pass through to this directory, ie

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/forums
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^.*(foo.\com)
RewriteRule (.*) /%1$1 [L]

Create a new database with a suitable name.

Install IP Board

Navigate to and install.

It will give you instructions on renaming and chmoding.

Just use defaults where provided.

Browse back to /forums to make sure its installed.

Install IPB Wiki

Go to the client center to enter the license ids:

You have already installed IP Board and Mediawiki so follow installation instructions from here:

Include IPB Wiki Interface and configuration.

Further Configuration

Further configuration can be done using your skin's main .css and Skin_name.php on the wiki side, and the Ip Board's Admin Control Panel.

You can include a wikitext sidebar in the IPB Wiki's Skin options.