Linux for Mac people

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I've used a Mac for years but i'm getting sick of the software bloat and the closed nature of Apple's operating system. So i'm going to run Linux on my mac instead. So that I feel more at home with linux I intend to document the customistions required to make Gnome and the linux applications behave more like their Mac cousins.

Applications required

Here is a list of applications I need to work under linux, and their current Mac equivilent.

  • Ubuntu - Gnome/GTK,Mac OS X
  • Inkscape,Illustrator
  • Gimp,Photoshop
  • Scribus,QuarkXpress
  • Sane,ScanWizard
  • tinyERP,Filemaker
  • Open Office,MS Office
  • MPlayer/VLC,MPlayer/VLC
  • Evolution ?,Mail,iCal,Address book
  • Mooedit/gVim(cream),TextMate

Keyboard mapping

Linux generally uses the Ctrl key in the same way the Mac uses the command/apple key, so some way to change this in a global is required. Perhaps in the X11 keymap.

So far i've found that many new generation linux applications provide shortcut key preferences for the commercial software they compete with. This is a very good thing. I don't really want to learn a whole new set of keys for the graphics programs I use all the time.


Has a key map for Adobe Illustrator but it doesn't appear to work at this stage. The application fails to start with an error if you try to use it. Check if latest version works.


Is the Quark replacement. The key map file below would need to be modified to match the Quark shortcuts. I believe Quark 4 was the last good Quark so i'll use those keys.


Is a poor excuse for Photoshop. It claims to be easy for Photoshop users, but the only similarity is the menu layout. None of the common Photopshop keys are mapped by default, and all the palettes are the same as Gimp.

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