MediaWiki deprecations and new features

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  • 2015-11: 1.21 is giving errors in MagicWord.php about regex group having to start with a non-digit on recent versions of PHP, this can be fixed by using 1.25's version of the getBaseRegex function.
  • 2015-06: 1.25 has a new way of loading extensions, see MW:Manual:Developing extensions and MW:Manual:Extension registration
  • 2015-03: The Ajax dispatcher is deprecated now, you should write an API module to handle Ajax requests, see Extension:AjaxComments for code sample
  • 2015-02: Mustach templates for 1.25
  • 2015-01: wfRunHooks deprecation (use Hooks::register and Hooks::run now)
  • 2014-06: wfMsg(key) is deprecated now (use wfMessage(key)->text instead)