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Info.svg This is the personal vision for User:Nad, see all personal visions in Category:Personal visions. In OrganicDesign, people can form into a trust group and use their vision statements to collaborate on a shared vision.

My vision is to be living in a Platform which is primarily dedicated to research and development on the project. Our platform is not a large operation, but is involved with many organisations and groups working in the new way and that are deeply involved in the foundations of the global transformation. As a well connected platform, we have many interesting people staying and require facilities that can accommodate around twenty people comfortably. We put on lectures and documentaries which are often scheduled/booked events, but can also be spontaneous and casual.

There is a lot of work required to run a platform, and a platform may also be generating profit through business it is involved in. Profits and losses are distributed amongst the members without argument since these decisions are managed by the system as part of the platform specification. If there are losses and the platform is unable to cover its expenses, then the members must contribute with their own personal income or resource, also in accord with the recommendations of the system.


The role I fill in our platform is implementing and refining/developing the IT infrastructure and philosophy. Our platform is well connected and has good modern IT resources and living facilities in addition to having a focus on sustainability, resilience and independence.

My platform-based role is voluntary and as such is not subject to any time constraints or expectations at all. This voluntary aspect of my life is how I spend the majority of my time and leaves only about ten hours per week for work.


For my work I help with specifications and offer advice as a systems consultant, and I also carry out many of the established procedures. I do very little development for paid work, but sometimes would like to be involved with some of the more interesting projects as a part-time developer or architect.

In my work there is very little need for voice communications or other presence-based communications, mainly because I don't deal at all with end users when it comes to work. All my work-based communications is done over the net and allows me to be completely free to move from place to place spontaneously, ideally I would also have access to the net on the road too.

The organisational system we use allows us to manage our opportunity spaces very precisely. For me this means that all the work commitments I take on are completely within my comfort zone technically, and most of the time will be able to be completed without even needing to deviate from well refined procedures. It also means that I can be very picky about the work I take on such that it not only pays well, but is also well organised and is work that I am genuinely interested in.

Long term

In the slightly longer term I'm living in a Sanctuary which is still a platform, but is rural and on a fairly large plot of land which is being dedicated to project use. It still has modern facilities and connectivity but also has a stronger focus on independence and sustainability than a basic Platform.

Since space is less of an issue in a Sanctuary, I have a number of private rooms so that I can have my own guest quarters and private living areas. Being based on a platform, it's still be oriented around a shared kitchen/bar/social area, but we also have some minimal facilities in our private quarters as well.