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The Sanctuary is a place where people can live and work, with a focus on self-improvement, healing or research. Sanctuaries are an important part of the deployment of the network tools and methods. The notion of Sanctuary was created in acknowledgement of the fact that there needs to be some organised method set up to help people on the path of self-improvement and to create an environment where they are supported in creating a new, sustainable lifestyle using the organisational tools created by The Project.

A further motivation for the setting up of sanctuaries is to create zones where the tools of the project can be implemented to the fullest, and where people can create a sense of life in a new society. For people seriously devoted to self-improvement and contributing to society, living in sanctuaries will rapidly become a preferred lifestyle choice.

Sanctuaries will resemble health retreats in a nature setting, while combining the study and self-improvement aspects of monasteries as well as utilising software tools for administration and organisation as part of a larger network. This allows the sanctuaries to create significant economic and political coherence. In effect, groups of sanctuaries will be able to form organisational superstructures akin to current-day corporations. By being based on organisational templates, sanctuaries can be created effortlessly from existing current organisations which hire consultants implement existing organisational templates in accord with local requirements.

We envisage a lively economic and cultural exchange with nearby towns and cities. Over time, sanctuaries will become important centres of education, research and development and the unfolding of human potential.


For groups setting up Sanctuaries, agreement on shared values is given right from the start through use of common tools. This is easily the most problematic aspect of people working together, which is why in the past only groups with strong ideological focus or strong leaders have successfully set up organisations resembling sanctuaries.

There is a strong emphasis on education and study. Access to all self-improvement tools that correspond with the values of The Project is provided, depending on the needs and backgrounds of the people coming to the Sanctuary.

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