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// [[[[|peerd]]]] - nodal p2p wiki daemon
// This article and all its includes are licenced under LGPL
// GPL: [[[[]]]]
// SRC: [[[[]]]]
// included in [[[[|peerd]]]][[[[|/peerd.c]]]]

// node: a type for referring to nodes
typedef int node;

// code is a variable of type pointer-to-function
typedef void (codeType)();
codeType *code;

// constants defined in [[[[peerd.c]]]]
// - nodal constants
// - this and parent

// stateless
node nodeSESSION;
node nodeSTREAMS;

// function ref
node nodeEVENTS;
node nodeIO;
node nodeSERVER;
node nodeDESKTOP;
node nodeRENDER;

// pointer to struct
node nodeSTREAM;
node nodeSPRITE;
node nodeEVENT;

// Prototypes
node nodeGetValue(node subject,node key);
node nodeSetValue(node subject,node key,node value);
node nodeInsertKey(node subject,node key);
node nodeRemoveKey(node subject,node key);
node nodeLoopInsert(node subject,node insert);
node nodeLoopRemove(node subject,node remove);
node nodeLoopRotate(node subject);
node nodeTraverse(node subject,node *path);
void **nodeState(node subject,node key);
void nodeInit();
void nodeExit();
void ifExit();
void nodeReduce();

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //
// nodeSpace.c

// set nodal value of node/path
node nodeGetValue(node subject,node key) {
	// todo: if subject/nodeGETVAL...
	return listGetValue(listTraverse(subject,key));

node nodeSetValue(node subject,node key,node value) {
	// todo: onChange
	return listSetValue(listTraverse(subject,key),value);

// Returns a newly created node
node nodeInsert() {
	return listInsert();

// Returns newly created node
// - this is just traverse() but with an event raised
node nodeInsertKey(node subject,node key) {
	// todo: hook in nodeSTART
	return listTraverse(subject,key);

// Returns the node that was removed
node nodeRemoveKey(node subject,node key) {
	// todo: hook in nodeSTOP
	node i = listTraverse(subject,key);
	// todo: delete
	return i;

// Returns the inserted node as the new loop pointer
// - this allows it to act as a stack if nodeLOOP (current-loop-node) is updated with returned node
// - either can be 0 on entry (for new loop and/or new node)
// todo: update nodePARENT of inserted node
node nodeLoopInsert(node subject,node insert) {
	node focus = nodeGetValue(subject,0);
	if (insert == 0) insert = nodeInsert();
	if (focus) {
		// Insert into existing [[[[loop]]]] ([[[[focus]]]] remains unchanged)
		node next = nodeGetValue(focus,nodeNEXT);
	else {
		// No existing [[[[loop]]]], make new node into a single item loop
	return insert;

// Removes a node from the subject's [[[[loop]]]]
// - if remove parameter is 0, the [[[[focus]]]] node is removed and next becomes the new focus
// - the removed item is returned not the focus
// - the removed node's parent is set to 0
node nodeLoopRemove(node subject,node remove) {
node n = remove;
	node focus = nodeGetValue(subject,0);
	if (focus) {
		if (remove == 0) remove = focus;
		node prev = nodeGetValue(remove,nodePREV);
		node next = nodeGetValue(remove,nodeNEXT);
		if (next == remove) next = 0;
		if (remove == focus) focus = nodeSetValue(subject,0,next);
	return remove;

// Rotates the subject node's [[[[loop]]]] and returning the last [[[[focus]]]]
node nodeLoopRotate(node subject) {
	node focus = nodeGetValue(subject,0);
	if (focus) nodeSetValue(subject,0,nodeGetValue(focus,nodeNEXT));
	return focus;

// not used yet - use array-of-node path?
node nodeTraverse(node subject,node *path) {

// Treat an association value as a pointer index
void **nodeState(node subject,node key) {
	int index = nodeGetValue(subject,key);
	if (index == 0) nodeSetValue(subject,key,index = insertPointer(NULL));
	return pointer(index);

// Clean up all the mess and exit
// - add exit functions here for any includes requiring cleanup before exit
void nodeExit() {
	logAdd("Gracefully exiting.");

// Set up initial nodal structure
// - todo: this structure should be read from [[[[nodeSpace.txt]]]]
// - use [[[[io.c]]]] for reading content from wiki if url/file
char *serialise(node);
void deserialise(char*);
void nodeInit() {

	if (file) {

		// todo: load from file and deserialise

	else {
		// no file specified in command-line args, use default inline text
	nodeIO        = trieGetValue("io");        logAdd("nodeIO = %d",nodeIO);
	nodeSESSION   = trieGetValue("session");   logAdd("nodeSESSION = %d",nodeSESSION);
	nodeSERVER    = trieGetValue("server");    logAdd("nodeSERVER = %d",nodeSERVER);
	nodeSTREAMS   = trieGetValue("streams");   logAdd("nodeSTREAMS = %d",nodeSTREAMS);
	nodeSTREAM    = trieGetValue("stream");    logAdd("nodeSTREAM = %d",nodeSTREAM);
	nodeDESKTOP   = trieGetValue("desktop");   logAdd("nodeDESKTOP = %d",nodeDESKTOP);
	nodeSPRITE    = trieGetValue("sprite");    logAdd("nodeSPRITE = %d",nodeSPRITE);
	nodeRENDER    = trieGetValue("render");    logAdd("nodeRENDER = %d",nodeRENDER);


// Moves "this" to node's [[[[focus]]]] if exists then rotates [[[[loop]]]] and executes/reduces the focus item
void nodeReduce() {
	grandpa = parent;
	if (this = nodeLoopRotate(parent = this)) {       // Move "this" to the [[[[focus]]]] in the node's loop and rotate
		nodeSetValue(this,nodePARENT,parent);         // Update the [[[[parent]]]] association
		if (code = *nodeState(this,nodeCODE)) code(); // [[[[nodeCODE]]]] value is a pointer-index, execute as function-reference if non-zero