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Openness is one of the values of OrganicDesign (the Platform specification includes a process of alignment with it) All cells in an organism share knowledge to expand awareness of the environment, and collaborate on and govern together accurate, complete and accessible information. Accessibility means web 3.0; using open standards to make more shareable the system (concepts, methods, tools and resources etc).

Before a system is able to evolve through feedback and self governance it must first be open. For things to undergo change and refine through the scientific method they must be open and reproducible like a seed; good science is open science.

If systems are open then they are able to improve scientifically through peer-review of clear analysis and objective reporting, thus minimizing inefficiency and corruption. Note that the concepts of transparency and of privacy can appear contradictory, but each has its place; people have a right to real privacy in their personal and financial affairs, but systems must be transparent to all who are affected by its operation and decision-making. A concrete way to pursue this approach is to implement open standards wherever possible.

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