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We need to be able to export MediaWiki categories as PDF books for printing. We had this functionality in XmlWiki using the pdf-export.php code, but this now needs to be made into a standard MediaWiki extension, probably a special page. It seems a waste to make another pdf export when MW:Extension:Pdf Export is already available, so adding the old XmlWiki category book-building code to the existing one may be the better option, especially since their code is directly editable from the extension article.


A simpler way to do this for now would be to create a new extension which is a parser function to be inserted into category pages that are suitable for download as a book along with any parameters. Default parameters should be globals so they can be set on a per-wiki basis in LocalSettings.

Extracting information from PDF's

There's many free programs and libraries which enable this functionality these days, for example see some from SourceForge

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