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Platform organisations use Biological cells as an example by splitting into two to create new organisations, or by deploying a seed to be installed in another location. Merging is the opposite process and is used to unify different organisations into a single harmonious whole when they are seen to be fully aligned with the same values and vision.


This process involves increasing the local Platforms scale of operation, for example building up stock and sourcing available workers to fill roles. When it's scaled to an appropriate size some of the local resources are migrated to the remote Platforms location and continue operation there.


Sometimes things that split at one point in time will later merge back together. Other times things that appeared to be different are found to have the same goals and values...

Middleware analysts are developers with a specialisation in products that connect two different computer systems together. As the term implies, the software, tools, and technologies used by Middleware analysts sit "in-the-middle", between two or more systems; the purpose being to enable two systems to communicate and share information. Middleware analysts look at the system of systems. They solve technical problems which involve large scale inter-disciplinary objectives with multiple, heterogeneous, distributed systems that are embedded in networks at multiple levels.


Members can work from anywhere geographically, so they work in new premises like a missionary to help it grow, but still handle some of their own Platforms work remotely.

Bifurcation: Division of a Platform into two...

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