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In formal education, a curriculum (plural curricula) is the set of courses, and their content, offered at a school or university
[22:16:27] … this supports merging with MW workshop article
[22:16:36] Aran Dunkley: ok cool, so thats our "education" article
[22:16:44] … talking about all the workshops we do
[22:17:05] Milan Holzapfel: so you could have the OD curriculum
[22:17:22] Aran Dunkley: yea
[22:17:38] … "education" should talk abotu other stuff too like books and docos
[22:17:45] Milan Holzapfel: for sure
[22:18:03] Aran Dunkley: curriculum specifically about our workshops and seminars
[22:18:45] … and workshops/seminars are specifcaly about teaching procedures and procedure-oriented stuff
[22:19:33] Milan Holzapfel: yes, althgough some might be focused on setting up or making stuff such as set up platform or make water splitter
[22:20:23] Aran Dunkley: even those platforms would inherit the ability to teach the org system
[22:20:46] … and they'd learn how to add their own engineering based procedures


  • What are wikis about?
  • What is Wiki? -
  • Why use Wiki?
  • Where to access it
  • Concepts
    • Collaborative writing
    • Anyone can access it
    • Audit trail
    • history and change control (advanced)
    • workflow (introduce wiki workflow and related workshop)
  • Advantages/disadvantages

Basic concepts

  • BioWiki layout structure/Page overview
    • Article
    • Discussion/talk
    • Edit
    • History
    • Watch
  • How to access
  • Logging in/Setting up a new account
  • Wiki syntax - Cheatsheet

Intermediate concepts

  • Images
  • Wikitables
  • Allowed html
  • SpecialPages
  • Watchlists

Advanced concepts

  • Namespace
  • Categorization
  • Links - the power of association (Between)
    • External/internal links -look at the url
  • Templates (Within)
    • Transclusion
  • extending the functionality

Dump of what people want


  • Understanding of what wikis can do for clients and how to use them.
  • learning basics of wiki. will probably only attend for the morning.
  • how to do wikis
  • A basic understanding about Wiki\'s--why they\'re useful, how to use them, how to set them up, etc.
  • Anything! I know very little about wikis but am helping to design one for a client.
  • Overview of how to create wiki pages.
  • The basics with regard to developing and implementing wiki\'s.
  • Learn more/anything about wiki.
  • learn what a wiki is and what it can do. Basic. I know nothing.
  • basics and a bit beyond
  • learn how to use a wiki


  • way to judge when wiki vs things like sharepoint, or jumla are approptriate tool
  • An understanding of how to set up a wiki using media wiki on the backend and install *extensions
  • Learn more about Medi Wiki and how it can be used with other tools (e.g., Joomla/SharePoint).

Appropriate use

  • Better sense of the potential for wiki use in improving/expediting project collaboration.
  • I would like to be comfortable adding text and managing a wiki. I also want to know more about general wiki use, like when wikis are appropriate and when they aren\'t depending on what the user wants to do.
  • Basics on how to implement wikis, sense of how this may tie in with our existing IT infrastructure, ability to support people using wikis.
  • To learn what a wiki is and how I would use it in my projects.
  • Learn how to use a wiki.
  • I\'d like to understand how wikis could be useful for our work (facilitation, process management, research, analysis, etc.) and our clients (government agencies), especially as compared to other types of applications (SharePoint, etc.) and modes of work.

Teaching others/using for clients

  • Figure out if and when I might want to use a wiki. And if I do want to use it, how to explain its value to a target audience that knows almost nothing about a wiki.
  • The ability to host further MediaWiki workshops :-)
  • I am interested in learning how to post content on MediaWikis. And as someone who will be facilitating collaboration on the posted wiki content, I\'d also like tips on how to instruct people to edit the wiki.