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One of the things I stress is that thinking of matter-energy equivalence and all its implications has to be done in the context of existentialism: i.e. the universe making no completely perceivable sense, with the implicit notion that one makes one's own meaning.Jack 10:32, 6 Apr 2006 (NZST)

It seems to be saying that the perceived biological world of matter "outside" is of less signifiance that the feelings like anger and happiness, but all just patterns within the one conceptual spacetime created by perception. But its the only source of information about our state that we have, so we need to search for the common patterns in all scales and inputs to make head or tail of it :-)

In the context of Energy and "the Big Picture"...... Here's a book excerpt -- "Recall that everything in the universe is energy, whch moves at variuous frequencies. The higher the frequencies, the closer you are to spiritual energy. In the lower frequencies, you find shortages and problems. Intention itself is a unifies energy field that intends everything into existence. This field is home to the laws of nature, and is the inner domain of every human being. This is the fifeld of all possibilities, and it's yours by virtue of your existence" (Wayne Dyer, The Power of Intention page 135.)

Frequencies are just relative quantities and can't be more or less spiritual than each other. Spirituality is about an individual being in harmony with the energy of its environment, so it could be said that an increase in spirituality comes from increasing the range of frequencies one is in harmony with. --Nad 08:53, 6 Apr 2006 (NZST)

Question--If the universe is energy then what are we really/ possibly up to by being focussed on creating "sustainable Energy sources" and how does that relate to the "Big Picture??"--Dana 06:43, 6 Apr 2006 (NZST)

Energy and matter are two sides of the same coin, there isn't one without the other, but both are constructed by the process of perception. So the only "reality" is the mechanism of perception itself, which appears to divide the whole unified Self into many things occupying space and their harmonics of energy occupying spectrum. This knowledge relates to the big picture by showing us how to organise using the same principle that we find our selves and environments to be a product of, using any other system than that is sure to come into confict with the environment in due time --Nad 09:06, 6 Apr 2006 (NZST)

all- great to have this place. my initial contribution to the big picture will be from the perspective of business training and collaborative/living business processes and quality records. sorry if "the big picture" has gone global too fast ... :) Phalseid 02:11, 4 Apr 2006 (NZST)

Dan / Milan / Aran

Dan - Refering to our conversation the other day about "where this all may be going" in the context of creating the company Energy Alternatives / this extraordinary unfolding of possibilities / Meridian Alliance / attraction and collaboration of like minded people / projects / Organic Design's Project /overall direction / the journey / a new possibility for humanity / etcetera.

Other context /influences to this conversation and my thoughts at moment are: Landmark's "living in possibility" Wayne Dyer's " living in(the power of)"Intention" and specifically ENERGY. (Negative & Positive).

OK - That's the background so here's my question everyone. I would really value your collaboration on this as I feel this is an important distinction for me / us to get clear on. (or at least engage)

I have just this morning realized that there is a very strong connection and reason why Energy Alternatives has been created that I am not yet clear about. It somehow relates to a REALLY BIG PICTURE of which seems to be coming gradually into focus but is far from clear at moment.

What is/may be the REAL REASON we are focussed on and creating sustainable energy? Where might this be going? It's so much more than just "transforming" NZ as stated in our EA "Vission Statement"!!! What may be a "higher calling" connection? Are we subconciously creatin something here that may be of VERY BIG SIGNIFICANCE THAT WE ARE NOT CONCIOUSLY AWARE OF??

Milan /Dan - I've had conversations with you about this as of late. Remember my declaration about how much fun this journey was going to be? Here we go!

Aran / Milan- Can we create a "forum type" discussion "area" on "our/ Meridian Alliance" Wiki / program to run with this a bit?

Have a great day all! Looking forward to your inputs!!! Dana

Footnote to all this: I'm not getting hung up with any of this at all, just inspired by being with this "work group" (or whatever this is) of like minds! I'm enjoying exploring the possible "higher level" possibilities that exist...........--Dana 09:01, 31 Mar 2006 (NZST)