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Propagation & Deployment

We're not talking about propagating a thing, but rather patterns of use. This system of patterns dosn't need to use consistent names because their method of propagation isn't through opinion or convincing. Although obviously the use of locally accepted words for things is encouraged for every communications purposes.

The question of propagation, or deployment is about how much support a system gets from actual use in the field, through pure receptivity (i.e. no "advertising" of it, which also helps for "no need to defend it"). Controling how much of this kind of support patterns can be done by addressing what's liked about various patterns and what's not-liked about them.

Regardless of opinion about what may be liked about a system, there are some general things that are most important being related to the systems reason for existence. Some of these things are growth, sustainability, efficiency, harmony and productivity. A system that consistently brings these things while also consistently reducing their unwanted compliments is considered as very good by all demographics.

As far as what's not-liked about a system, obviously having to pay for use of the system is thing which the vast majority of people would rather not do. Another more subtle, but important one is the mistrust and potential for corruption that comes with centralised control, the ability for a fixed few to gain credit, resource or any form of power from the use of patterns by the many.

Seed, self-containment

Self-containment allows for absolute free availability, since every node can easily grow others. At the level of computer code, self-containment means it can easily implement itself into new language and technology environments, and that collaborative development becomes language/platform/tehcnology-independent. At the scale of people and organisations it means having the tools and content available to easily learn and teach people how to grow their own productive systems from the seeds.

To ensure that fixed control can't occur, and to

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