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"Tasks" are just "things to do" that are undocumented and as such have no name and consist only of a short description. As soon as it's given a name it becomes a procedure and is no longer merely a casual task.

"Task" is one of our record types. We will be implementing task within our organisational system based on the version appearing in Thunderbird:

Thunderbird task.jpg

We need this record type to allow issues to be captured and assigned to roles in the organisation. Any kind of problem including content issues or software bugs can be tracked using this record type.


  • Name - rather than guid
  • Description - what happened
  • Assign to (role based)
    • Admin
    • Dev
    • CM
    • PM
    • Director
  • Severity
  • State
    • Logged
    • Assigned
    • In progress
    • Closed
  • Operating system
  • Browser
  • Upload screenshot (?)

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