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Why did the Maya pick 2012 to end this vast cycle of 13 Bakuns? For the Maya, the important thing always happens at the end of the cycle. So at the end of the cycle you have this galactic alignment. Now, my approach to the galactic alignment has been to look into the Maya traditions, and try to understand how the Maya encoded this galactic alignment into their core traditions, such as the Maya creation mythology, the ballgame symbolism, other Maya traditions, such as the king-making ceremonies, and what I found is that the December solstice Sun and the Milky Way, and these different astronomical features that are involved in the galactic alignment. For example, there's a feature called the dark rift, the great cleft in the Milky Way. This is precisely where the December solstice Sun is going to be converging with the Milky Way - at the dark rift. These astronomical features are front and center in the Maya creation mythology.