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Info.svg This page is a month of the year and is used to record useful information about each month relating to living on the land such as what plants are in season, what things we should be doing and what to expect from the weather and river etc.


Warning.svg It looks like spring is under way now, there are many hot days over 30°C, but don't be fooled, there are many sudden frosts. The plants, like grapes, are fooled by this and start to grow, but the unexpected frosts kill them. Wait until November 1st to plant.

We saw the first love-bugs and monkeys of the season, and all the purple flowers have started blooming attracting lots of bees. There aren't many lady bugs around now. It's very hot on sunny days, but there's still many rainy days which can also get quite cold. There are many more birds around now too including humming birds which often hover outside our windows - our blue birds that wandered around the garden each morning are gone now though, perhaps they like the cold better.

Humming bird outside the window 1.jpg

Ripe fruits & veges

  • Camomile