Sven Ubuntu post-install

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  1. !/usr/bin/bash
  2. latex, pdflatex, xdvi, dvips

apt-get -y install tetex-bin

  1. dvipng

apt-get -y install dvipng

  1. gs (ghostscript) and gv (ghostview)

apt-get -y install gv

  1. imagemagick

apt-get -y install imagemagick

  1. unzip

apt-get -y install unzip

  1. Latex contributed packages

cd tmp

  1. Finding texmf root using bash (OS X or linux)

TEXMF=`locate article.sty| grep /article.sty` TEXMF=${TEXMF%%\/tex\/*}

  1. amslatex

cd /tmp wget unzip -d $TEXMF rm

  1. amsrefs

wget unzip -d $TEXMF rm

  1. amsfonts

wget unzip mkdir $TEXMF/source/ams mkdir $TEXMF/source/ams/amsfonts cp -R amsfonts/plaintex/* $TEXMF/tex/plain/amsfonts/ cp -R amsfonts/doc/* $TEXMF/source/ams/amsfonts/ cp -R amsfonts/doc/latex/* $TEXMF/source/ams/amsfonts/ cp -R amsfonts/latex/* $TEXMF/tex/latex/amsfonts/ cp -R amsfonts/tfm/* $TEXMF/fonts/tfm/ams/ rm


  1. ctable

wget unzip ctable cd ctable

  1. Chemistry (to do still)
  2. wget
  3. unzip
  4. rm

wget unzip rm

  1. Concmath requires additional installation see README usually run
  2. latex concmath.ins
  3. wget
  1. Subfigure for uathesis class

wget unzip cd subfigure make make clean cd .. rm

  1. Thesis class for auckland uni

wget tar -zxvf uathesis.1.3b.tar.gz cd uathesis make make clean rm uathesis.1.3b.tar.gz

cd .. cp -R CONTRIBUTED /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/base/

  1. create ls-R databases with CONTRIBUTED packages


  1. f77 compiler for R installation (incomplete due to root access being removed)

apt-get build-dep g77

  1. installing R (
  2. See INSTALL in R-2.2.0 bundle
  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #
  2. R statistical programming environment

sudo apt-get install xorg-dev apt-get install r-base </bash>