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Successful migration of all systems to Ubuntu 8.04, successful install and post-install, MW running, no Windows now .... Jack 09:29, 2 April 2009 (NZST)

Rob may come to meeting tomorrow but likely late, so he will text ... --Jack 00:00, 31 October 2008 (NZDT)

Jack finally back on the Internet!!!! --Jack 08:32, 10 September 2008 (NZST)

Awesome! I'm in kati for a couple of weeks, seeyou when I get back - will be online while here tho :-) --nad 10:59, 10 September 2008 (NZST)

I've added a whole bunch of debugging output to SWF e-book which you should find informative. I'll fix the problem later, but for now I've documented the relavent info extracted from the debugging output in a table on that page. --Nad 02:33, 23 Dec 2006 (NZST)

I've added some info in Talk:E-book about the diffs and TX,TY which should help a bit --Nad 23:27, 20 Dec 2006 (NZST)

You've left unused elements (again) this time in which is fucking up your syntax highlighting --Nad 00:11, 18 Dec 2006 (NZST)

Also, you should add a second swf link to report errors - I discussed and fixed all these things last time, so check history if this talk page etc --Nad 00:13, 18 Dec 2006 (NZST)
Ah hi. Forgot about xml: Fixed it. Getting there! Jack 00:36, 18 Dec 2006 (NZST)

What's the point of images which are just a single colour? why not just make a rectangle of that colour at runtime? --Nad 13:39, 6 Dec 2006 (NZDT)

Also if you need images of a single colour, png's would be more efficient, jpegs are best only for many colours --Nad 13:41, 6 Dec 2006 (NZDT)
I'm just trying to simply swap blocks, I'll get there soon. They are only little  :) - Jack 13:50, 6 Dec 2006 (NZDT)

swf.php is complaining that nowiki is only writeable by dev and admin. Yet I change the pages to admin and I still get the error message .... Jack 14:43, 30 Nov 2006 (NZDT)

Sounds like that issue of spaces in the link we had yesterday --Nad 15:00, 30 Nov 2006 (NZDT)

Hmm and here's me only up to Targeting dynamic instances and loaded content ... fair way to go yet. I keep on at it, the Flash IDE is fine for learning the code. Jack 16:27, 22 Nov 2006 (NZDT)

Wellington, Nov 21 NZPA - The author of a book about the National Party's run-up to the 2005 election campaign today called on its leader Don Brash to drop a wide-ranging injunction blocking its publication. Nicky Hager said the book was not about Dr Brash's private life and was not solely based on emails sent to and from Dr Brash as has been widely rumoured. The Hollow Men: A Study in the Politics of Deception contained ``explosive material about the party's dealings with third parties, he said. Mr Hager told a hastily called press conference that the information came from a wide range of sources. At the heart of it were six party insiders concerned at the direction the party was taking behind closed doors. If National did not drop the injunction, Hager and his publisher would go to the courts. This could happen next week. Hager told journalists he did not want to pursue this action as it could be drawn out and expensive. The National Party believed in free speech and itself had used leaks on numerous occasions, he said. Hager had planned to launch the book on Friday and had 3000 copies published. He refused to answer many questions at the press conference, saying he would not cover territory which he believed was covered by the injunction. National said it was not commenting at this stage.

So that would be inline styles, tables rather than divs etc even maybe. That would be good actually. How could you do the folding, zone by zone using image maps or what? Jack 23:01, 20 Nov 2006 (NZDT)

No folding in html, fancy stuff is only for flash people...

I just thought of a good idea for your SWF e-book project - you could use the full version acrobat to export as html (or copy/paste from acrobat-reader into notepad and add html markup for images/headings etc). Anyway if you stick to very simple html and keep it xhtml compatable, then you can use the same content for the html-only and the swf version because swf textFields have an htmlText property from version 6 onwards (that's 90% of users though). It would make the content far easier to maintain as well. --Nad 22:20, 20 Nov 2006 (NZDT)

Oops sorry - I didn't realise I'd deleted the section you'd just made - but that was really just covering the same stuff that's covered in node and node space etc. The nodal model doc needs to be far more general only skimming the surface of nodes and reduction... --Nad 10:45, 15 Nov 2006 (NZDT)

Saved it already - I need to write some good analogies as executive summaries for general consumption - Jack 10:52, 15 Nov 2006 (NZDT)
Yeah that nodal model doc is probably the best start point for general consumption because its the one that introduces and ties together all the other docs which gettin quite solid like node, nodal reduction, node space etc It's also one of the most sparse brain-sumpie ones too probly cos it needs more english than technical :-/ --Nad 10:56, 15 Nov 2006 (NZDT)

Yo, did Nodal diagrams notes on spectrum stuff, not sure how to do identity/s&d more clearly tho as they already have the necessary concepts in them but just not in a very clear way yet... also I've redone list space which was old and not specific enough. --Nad 17:34, 30 Oct 2006 (NZDT)

Ballistic nanotransistors - Jack 09:46, 18 Aug 2006 (NZST)

Link to whitepaper by MRAM manufacturers Freescale -- Jack 23:00, 18 Jul 2006 (NZST)

New quantum tunnelling memory chips, one page version -- Jack22:51, 18 Jul 2006 NZST)

Aran, How are you compiling your C code? Are you doing it on a Linux box? Jack 11:21, 6 Jul 2006 (NZST)

Yes, the od server is a linux box with gcc (the GNU Compiler Collection ( running on it --Rob 11:27, 6 Jul 2006 (NZST)
It's done with c.php, you can test C code in sandbox.c and see compiled results in sandbox.c/compile. --Nad 11:29, 6 Jul 2006 (NZST)
OK I'll get a Debian install CD off one of you guys sometime, its about time I set up a Linux box anyway Jack 11:36, 6 Jul 2006 (NZST)
You don't need linux to run a c compiler, gcc works fine on windows. Also husk.c and its includes are designed to work on windows, osx and ux. --Nad 12:17, 6 Jul 2006 (NZST)

Yo, here's that Java hello world example: compiles

Thanks for those quantum-computation links. That first one is a much simpler way of understanding the core QM issue than the double-slit I reckon. And the intro to quantum-computation referred to in it is damn good - I hadn't realised how tied in with quantum computation the nodal core was. --Nad 18:12, 5 May 2006 (MST)

Thanks for pointing that out - there was a strange glitch in the dynamic-dns service where it suddenly switched back to an ip from 9 days ago?! so I just changed them to and back again which always seems to fix these dynamic-dns issues. --Nad 16:59, 30 Mar 2006 (NZST)

Gooday - you might want to set hide-minor-edits by default in your prefs page, so that huge lists of minor corrections don't show up :-) Nad 16:43, 15 Mar 2006 (NZDT)

Okidoki, there you go, I've made an Actionscript sandbox for you with the bouncing ball in it that you can modify etc. There's three articles involved:

Nodal code fragment example

Here's a nodal function called resolve which is used by get/set to allow a path to be specified which is relative to the current this. The nodes are created along the way if they didn't already exist. The code is taken from the currently developing <as></as>

  • The path parameter is an array of node-refs to be treated as relative path from this
  • The shift method applied to it in the loop means to pull the first item out of the array reducing its length by one.
  • We need to introduce internal id's for nodes and use rather than just key because key is a node-ref and isn't allowed as an associative-array-key (ie. ECMA fails the key-as-ref test).
  • The difficult looking line is using the ?: operator
A = cond ? B : C is equiv to if (cond) A = B else A = C
  • In ECMA, the prototype property of a constructor defines all the methods and properties that will be available to instances (in this case instances of node)

Random numbers and hashing etc

Yo, here's the page I was talking about with notes from Robert Uzgalis' lecture notes and a link to his text: Random numbers, Encryption and Hashing. --nad 10:01, 18 November 2008 (NZDT)

Congratulations on migration to Ubuntu ;-)

Wikid! cool that you got IE7 running on it for testing too, I couldn't get that going last time I tried a few months back, so I'll check out that link you sent re it in the email ;-) --nad 23:22, 1 April 2009 (NZST)


Yo I sent you an email re a skinning job, but your hotmail bounced. I set up jack at od and sent it there so you can login in from the webmail in the sidebar/admin or you can connect to our IMAP server with thunderbird or whatever you're using. Server is naked od domain port 993, using SSL and your Linux login. --nad 19:58, 18 April 2009 (UTC)

email test -- Jack 20:55, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

Are you getting notified of changes

via email? --nad 21:32, 5 June 2009 (UTC)