Mum & Dad spending time at the land

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Posted by Nad on 09 July 2020 at 19:26
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The holiday hasn't quite gone to plan, first Dad and Beth and now me, have come down with various sicknesses and we've had to cut out all the hot places (which is pretty much everywhere!) and cut the duration down to just one month. We were unable to book anywhere comfortable to stay in Florianópolis due to it being right on Easter, and so we've spent the whole time staying at our land and at a hotel in Caxias!

We have two waterfalls that are a short walk from our land, and we went to the first one last week:

Walking to the waterfall.jpg
Our forest waterfall.jpg
Mum & Dad sleeping at waterfall.jpg

And the rest of the time has been spent reading or doing odd jobs such as chopping and collecting firewood for the winter and putting glass in the guest house windows - while being careful not to disturb the uninvited guests squatting above!

Collecting wood 2.jpg
Guest house windows 1.jpg
Guest house windows 2.jpg