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Law professor Yochai Benkler explains how collaborative projects like Wikipedia and Linux represent the next stage of human organization. By disrupting traditional economic production, copyright law and established competition, they’re paving the way for a new set of economic laws, where empowered individuals are put on a level playing field with industry giants.

See also the Free software brochure :-)

Server software we use

  • MediaWiki - the document management system behind this site and behind Wikipedia
  • NextCloud - open source "DropBox" with truckloads of addon apps
  • Nginx - the webserver we use for this site
  • Apache - the webserver we used to use before
  • MariaDB - the database server we use for this site
  • Exim4 - the mailserver software we use
  • Dovecot - the IMAP server we use
  • RoundCube - the webmail application we use
  • OpenSSH - where would we be without OpenSSH?
  • Git - source code management system
  • GitList - web-based Git repository viewer written in PHP and used for
  • ngIRCd - easy to install and configure IRC server daemon
  • ProFTPd - easy to configure and as secure as FTP can be, for those times when clients insist on connecting with FTP rather than SFTP
  • ImageMagick - the "photoshop" for the command-line, see Linux commands for some examples, ImageMagick is mainly used by other programs

Desktop applications we use

  • Libre Office - the best open source office suite!
  • InkScape vector design package - vector graphics application using SVG as it's native format
  • GIMP - the "Photoshop" of the GNU/Linux world
  • Transmission - P2P filesharing
  • Firefox - Mozilla's browser and web-development tools for all platforms
  • Thunderbird - Mozilla's email application with support for PGP encryption
  • Tox - decentralised and privite secure text, voice and video messaging
  • Pidgin - chat client supporting almost all protocols, has support for OTR strong encryption
  • VLC - media player for all platforms, plays anything without the need for all those annoying codecs
  • Geany - cross platform programming editor
  • PuTTY - SSH tools for those times when you're misfortune enough to need to use Windows
  • FileZilla - FTP/SFTP for Windows users
  • VirtualBox - run a Mac or Windows virtual machine in you Linux desktop

Operating Systems we use

  • Debian GNU/Linux - our preferred server operating system
  • Linux Mint - the distro we use in the home and office
  • Ubuntu - the distro we used to use before Mint, and the one we install on servers if Debian is unavailable
  • Byzantium Linux - the OS that automatically meshes
  • Knoppix - tiny linux
  • μClinux - even tinier linux

Programming languages & compilers we use

Code Libraries we use

Other useful libre software lists

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