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== Current Work ==
== Current Work ==
* [[Javascript blobs]]
* [[USB human interface devices with Linux]]
* [[USB human interface devices with Linux]]
* [[Simple video streaming with ffserver]]
* [[Simple video streaming with ffserver]]

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Current Work

Brief Biography

Since my first experience with computer technology I have been interested in the potential for collaboration and expression in both the technical and artistic sense.

I first meet Aran at a computer club demo exhibition in the late 80's. We met again by chance in 2000 and began to exchange ideas about the future of information technology, culture and organisation.

I learned my first Computer Science hacking 6502 assembly language and BBC BASIC on an Acorn Electron circa 1986. I've used the Mac for years but have become more disillusioned with bloated, low performance operating systems.

I first encountered linux in 2000 thanks to my friend Chris and have since studied extensively in the area of linux operating systems. I see linux, GNU and the open source movements as the future of modern operating system design.


There is considerable overlap between my work with Organic Design and my work at the Department of Computer Science (University of Auckland).

Prior to taking the position in Computer Science, my partner Angela and I ran a graphic design business for a number of years. We continue to provide services to a small circle of clients, whilst pursuing our research in art and design.

Contact details





Complex networks

peer 2 peer networks

Web 2.0

Unattached articles:

Random Scripts

Research areas:

What I want out of this project

  • a new, free, operating system
  • computers that run fast again
  • the elimination of software bloat
  • modern, robust, multimedia
  • computers that start up in 2 seconds
  • no waiting for hourglasses, watches, spinning beach balls