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Quote.pngOur vision is to see all of our world's inhabitants governing ourselves with an open, accessible and understandable global system which has as its bottom line the common good, and which we define and operate ourselves by effectively utilising and allocating our common expertise and resource.
— Organic Design

This site is a MediaWiki and was set up in 2005 primarily as a collaboration platform for the Organic Design platform network project. This project consisted of a lot of different aspects covering a wide range of concepts that are listed in the site's glossary. The project itself never really got traction and on November 11th, 2011, myself (Aran, who initially set up the project and maintains the server and site) and my wife Beth, moved to Brazil, and the project was put on hold just doing a little bit of writing about it every now and again.

A lot of the content created for the project is really useful learning material such as lists of documentaries and books and research about all sorts of concepts such as maths, law, agorism, artificial intelligence and crypto-currencies. And over the years the site has become a repository for much more than just the project, it has been used for documenting all my procedures for my programming and server administration work, as our personal blog and for just about anything.

Following is a detailed map of the site's content. The trees you see below are Araucárias which are a very important part of the culture of Serra Gaúcha, the highlands of southern Brazil, where we live.